Feeling hot Hot HOT!


Feeling the heat? Depending on where you are in the country, you are likely experiencing a heat wave. When you are tempted to crank up the A/C, try cooling down with a refreshing minty drink instead.

Two that I can’t wait to try are the Grapefruit & Mint Spritzer (from G Living) and the Pure Mojito (from We Like It Raw). My mouth is watering already.

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Green Lemonade


The inspiration behind our blog, this recipe is a variation of a recipe by the same name in The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose. While the recipe is listed below, there are countless ways to add a little of this, subtract a little of that, and adjust it to your liking. The end result is an enzyme-rich, lemony green juice that serves up more fresh veggies in one glass than most Americans eat in an entire day!

Green Lemonade

Process the following through a juicer: 7-8 stalks of celery or 1/2 a cucumber, 5 to 6 stalks of Kale, a handful of flat-leaf parsley, 1 to 2 apples for sweetness, 1 whole organic lemon, and 1 inch of ginger (optional). Pour into a large glass and enjoy!

I suggest using organic, local produce when possible. Also, make substitutions if necessary, like collard greens for the kale, or cucumber for the celery. I have also been known to throw in a little red cabbage or 1/2 a beet, however the juice turns into more of a purple lemonade and takes a bit more getting used to. Lastly, be flexible with your juice, sometimes I literally use whatever greens are in my fridge, with an apple and a lemon. And my husband and my mom turn their noses up unless I add an additional sweetener such as a packet of Stevia.

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Cherry Pie – to go?


On the go energy snacks can’t get much better than the tasty Larabar. With no added sugar, the non-GMO, gluten, soy, and dairy free bars are kosher, raw and unprocessed (does that leave anyone’s diet out?). Try my personal favorite, Cherry Pie (Dates, Almonds, and Unsweetened Cherries) or take a peek at the other flavors, including a few for you chocolate lovers! Good to go and good for you!

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Litter for a Drama King


This is my first, but surely won’t be my last, post about my lovable, but high-maintenance cat, Jackson. I am embarrassed to admit that for a long time (due to his allergies and bladder issues) I have used a conventional clumping litter in his box. Ouch. After learning about how bad it was for the environment, and not great for him either, I decided to make a switch. I am slowly introducing Feline Pine to him, and so far it is going well.

I chose this brand, over some other eco-friendly friendly options (such as Swheat Scoop) because it is important for his litter to be of the clumping variety (to monitor the above mentioned bladder issues). Overall, he hasn’t seemed to mind the Feline Pine. I will admit it doesn’t cover the smell as well as the unnamed conventional brand, but if the litter box is kept clean, smell is not usually an issue. I certainly don’t miss the litter cloud of dust that the conventional created, and the other thing I like about it is the price. Feline Pine is sold at Target and you can even get your first box free, with a rebate from their web site.

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Sweet Snack

One of my favorite snacks when I am in the mood for something sweet, is Trader Joe’s Chocolate Cocoa Nonfat Yogurt. It is high in calcium and made with real cocoa. There are no artificial flavors and preservatives, and no gelatin! Want to give it a try? Locate a Trader Joe’s near you.

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Endangered Species Chocolate

Endangered Species Chocolate

I recently discovered that Endangered Species Chocolate is headquartered here in Indianapolis. The company donates 10 percent of its net profits to organizations that benefit animals, people, and the environment. The ESC building is designed to meet LEED standards, uses green building materials such as bamboo and recycled materials, and even offers Toyota Priuses for top-level executives.

Read more about the company and their efforts to “save species, conserve habitat and honor human life.”

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Keep It Clean

Okay, so no one likes to clean, but if you have to (which we all do) you can at least be conscious of the environment while you are scrubbing away. Even if you aren’t a green queen, you will surely opt for these products if you have little ones (or furry friends) who you don’t want to expose to toxins and other nasty things that are in your usual household cleaners.

For counter tops, kitchen tables, mirrors, glass, and yes, even stainless steel, I don’t think it gets much better than Trader Joe’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Made with all natural ingredients like Cedarwood and Sage, Trader Joe’s …Next to Godliness, will not only clean your home, but also leave it smelling great (i.e. not like bleach).

For floors, I recommend Ecover’s Floor Soap with Natural Linseed Oil. I was a little skeptical at first, because our 33 year old white linoleum floor in our kitchen is a PAIN to keep, well, white. But this stuff worked wonders! I have to admit, I wouldn’t describe the smell as lovely, but if that is it’s only downside, I’m not going to complain.

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Fresh and Juicy

This officially marks the launch of Green-Lemonade.com!

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