Mochi – A Wholesome Treat

Ever heard of Mochi? I hadn’t either until a friend of mine from the co-op pointed it out to me as a great healthy dessert. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of whole grain brown rice which is pounded into a paste and then molded into a flat shape. Then, when baked for about 10 minutes, the mochi puffs up into a chewy, pastry-like snack.

Mochi makes a wholesome snack or dessert which is gluten, wheat, and dairy-free and, most importantly, easy to prepare. My husband and I love to bake up a few squares of the cinnamon raisin flavor, stuff them with a local shredded cheddar cheese (by cutting a little slit in the sides after baking), and top them off with a little drizzle of honey. Here are a few other recipe ideas to get you started.

Print out a coupon and find it in the refrigerated areas of natural food stores and co-ops. Make sure to check out the other delicious flavors too.

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Frost Tea

Tea Pops

As summer creeps in and we enjoy the warm (sometimes even hot!) weather this time of year, I have found the perfect alternative to those sticky, sugary, brightly colored popsicles of the past – Wise Acre Frost Bites and Frost Tea frozen treats.


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Bike to Work Week!


It’s Bike to Work Week! Warmer weather and rising gas prices are two good reasons put down your keys, and pick up your helmet. If your route to work is not an option, consider taking your bike someplace this weekend that you might otherwise drive to — such as the Farmers Market!

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We’re Moving!


We’re moving — in more ways that one! Not only will our site be moving to a new (greener) server this weekend and next week, but Liz is also going to be be moving from upstate New York to the Columbus, Ohio area in the upcoming weeks as well.

We are crossing our fingers that the move to the new server goes quickly and smoothly, but if not, we thank you for your patience as the site transfers over!

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Paw Luxury

Paw Luxury

Last week, we mentioned an all natural shampoo for dogs that happens to be available at Petco. Unfortunately, eco-friendly options for your pooch aren’t always that easy to find at a local supplier. However, you always have some place to turn to online — thanks to Paw Luxury!

From tasty treats to travel accessories, Paw Luxury offers environmentally-friendly options for your furry friends. In addition to offering products that are all natural, organic, biodegradable, fair trade and made in the USA, Paw Luxury also holds their business to the same standard as many of the brands they sell. Some of their earth friendly business practices include: business cards made from 100% recycled content, using cradle to cradle USPS shipping boxes, using recyclable packing materials, and going paperless by corresponding via email.

In addition to their online store, Paw Luxury also has a blog dedicated to (and written from the perspective of) Lola, the boxer who inspired her owners to launch Paw Luxury. From recipes to an “Ask Lola” column, this dog sure knows her kibble and biscuits!

UPDATE: Lola (and her owners) have offered readers of a savings of $5.00 on a purchase of $25.00 or more! Use the coupon code: GREENLEM5 from now until June 6, 2008.

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Dogs and Suds

Earth Bath and Skyler

Bathtime for Skyler is no day at the spa. It involves the bathtub, some shampoo, and one very wet & furry dog (see photo above). But when it comes to my pets, I try to be conscious of what they eat and even what they breathe. However, in all honesty, the main reason I concern myself so much with our dog’s shampoo is less about her and more about our cat, who has allergies and sensitive skin. That being said, I was happy to see that they did carry one brand of all natural pet shampoo at our local Petco. (Stay tuned for an article next week about another place to get your eco-friendly pet products.)

EarthBath products all-natural, bio-degradable and cruelty-free. For Skyler, we opted for the Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo. It not only got the job done (of a cleaner dog) but the smell was pleasant without being over-powering. The bath (along with a good brushing) left Skyler so soft that she even got a compliments on her coat from another dog owner who visited us for the weekend!

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