Spray & Go


I’m typically a soap and water type of gal, but I always like to keep hand sanitizer in my car for those moments when a sudsy solution isn’t available. The two issues I had with the generic hand sanitizer available at most places was that one, the small sizes resulted in so much waste, and two, the ingredients were far from natural.

That being said, I was very eager to pick up this hand sanitizer from CleanWell from a nearby natural health store (it’s also available at Target and Whole Foods). The formula is all natural, biodegradable and cruelty-free. And the spray bottle (which is recyclable) makes the small bottle last a long, LONG time.

So, if you like are like me and like to have something sanitizing on hand for sudden sticky situations, pick up some CleanWell hand sanitizer for an easy-to-use and environmentally-friendly solution.

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