Won Ton Chips


A key ingredient in Eggs in a Basket (besides the eggs, of course) is the thin won ton wrappers that hold it all together. However, after recently seeing these wrappers turned into a simple salty snack on one of our favorite sites, I knew I had to give it a try. The best part is that I baked them at the same time as when I was making my breakfast baskets! Ideal for dips, as noted here in the original recipe, I ate them plain and was very pleased with the taste and crunch.

Won Ton Wrapper Chips
Originally posted here on Not Eating Out in New York

Preheat the oven to 350 (which you have already done if you are making Eggs in a Basket) and slice the won ton wrappers diagonally to make a nice “chip” shape. Pour a very small amount of olive oil on a sheet and coat both sides of the won ton by light brushing (or my less culinary way of laying them on one side and then flipping to the other, thus coating both sides). Sprinkle with sesame seeds (although mine didn’t stick) and coarse salt (which stuck really well) and bake for approximately 5 minutes. Once they start to brown and the edges curl, you know your done.

Whether you serve them warm, or let them cool completely, the result is a healthy salty snack!

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Joey Totes

joey totes

I know what you’re thinking… not another post about bringing your own bag! Alas, it’s true. I think a big reason that we keep coming back to this simple act is because it’s so easy to do! Perhaps the hardest part is remembering to take your bag with you. I’ll admit, I always have multiple bags on hand at the grocery store, but there are occasions when I make quick trip into Target, only to realize at checkout that I forgot my canvas bag in the car, resulting in trying to carry it all in my arms, awkwardly out to my car. However, all that has changed since being introduced to Joey Totes.

These little machine-washable totes fit EASILY into my favorite purse and are always on hand for any unexpected trips into a store. The pouch the bag comes in is actually attached TO THE TOTE, so that re-stuffing is a breeze. Then I just toss it back in my purse. No trips out to my car, no hanging it on the door knob. Thank you Joey Totes!

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What Odor?

what odor

Even though most of our waste goes into recycling or the compost, our trash and garbage can will occasionally smell a little… funky. Until now, I’ll admit that I had some trouble finding something all-natural that could resolve the worst offenders, but as I mentioned last week, I wasn’t going to let that be an excuse to turn to something that is not environmentally-friendly. Thankfully, I was able to find something that set aside all arguments AND smells. Hello, What Odor?

I must admit, I did not know that Billy Mays had an infomercial for this product and also did not know they will pay bloggers to endorse it (Liz and I don’t ever get paid for any of our product reviews, including this one), but putting that aside, I do admit that this solution, which is non-toxic, biodegradable and does not contain “parabens, artificial fragrances or phthalates” really does what it promises and eliminates the odor without using masking agents to just cover it up. As I said, we only use it in our trash can, but it certainly has more uses than that.

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