A New Twist on Cleaning


When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, I know that it is best to re-use washcloths and sponges. However, I have to admit that sometimes when I see them sitting there in all their eco-glory, that I feel like I am actually wiping MORE germs onto the counter or into that hand-wash-only wine glass. Not wanting to take the easy (and wasteful) route of paper towels, I have come up with a solution that is better for the environment than paper towels, but is less “gross” than the common kitchen washcloth or sponge. Enter the European Sponge Cloth by Twist.

This handy “sponge cloth” is designed to outlast 17 rolls of paper towels and is 100% biodegradable. Better yet it is dishwasher safe (because who wants to throw crusty washclothes in with your clothes?) or can be sterilized by boiling in water.

Want more “Twist”ed products? Check out their Naked Sponge (No dyes, 100% cellulose), Loofah Sponge or Euro Sponge (all of which are 100% biodegradable).

In addition to being better than paper towels, Twist also reuses 99.97% of all their production waste and the cellulose (tree fiber) they use is sourced from renewable tree farms. Last but not least, their site provides instructions on how to turn their recycled packaging into a bird feeder or mobile.

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