About Us

Welcome to Green-Lemonade.com!

This site was concocted after a growing amount of emails were sent back and forth (between Liz in New York and Rhaya in Indianapolis) with tips, links, recipes and opening sentences of “Did you know…” and “Have you heard of…”

As these emails started filling up our inboxes, we thought that rather than just sharing with one another, there should be a site where we could post this information, with a laid-back honest attitude.

The name of the site came from one of the very first emails from Liz to Rhaya with a recipe for Green Lemonade. It also abstractly conveyed the purpose of our site, which is about being aware of what you put in your body and what impact you leave on the environment around you. It’s about sustainability, but not just for the earth — for our bodies too.

So whether you are looking for a product review, a tasty recipe or a way to be a little more eco-friendly, we hope you think to look here.

Liz & Rhaya

Liz at Prospect Rock in the Green Mountains (near Manchester VT).

A typical view of Rhaya, outside of the Opera House in Sydney Australia. (See Rhaya treehugging here.)