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So you’ve cut out the creepy cosmetics, and replaced them with better alternatives, but what about the brushes you use to apply them? Thanks to Paris Presents ecoTOOLS, you can now pick up an environmentally-friendly option at your local Walgreens (and other locations).

The ecoTOOLS makeup brushes are made with animal-free bristles and bamboo handles. Even the metallic ferrule is made from recycled aluminum cans. Additionally, if you get the 5-piece set, it comes in a reusable natural cotton and hemp case.

If your local Walgreens doesn’t have any in stock, you can do as I did, and ask for the manager to order a set next time they receive a delivery. Not only will you save yourself shipping and handling fees, but your also saving the additional packaging materials and gas (from the delivery truck) for the individual item to be delivered to your home.

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