Blog Action Day + A Bright Idea For Your Home

Light Bulb

As we mentioned earlier, October 15th is Blog Action Day. 14,000 bloggers will be posting today about one cause — the environment.

One easy way to help cut back on your home’s energy usage is to buy light bulbs that are more energy-efficient. According to the EPA, the average household spends 10-15% of its annual electricity bill on lighting. If you switch to compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs), you will not only save on your electric bill, but you will be helping the environment. The EPA estimates that if just one room in every U.S. home were switched to efficient lighting (CFLs), we’d reduce CO2 emissions by over one trillion pounds.

The Green Guide (from National Geographic) gives the low-down on how these light bulbs save you money in the long run, and also has a list of where you can get some CF bulbs of your own. Also, make sure to check out the Environmental Defense web site to learn How to Pick a Better Bulb, and next time you are at your favorite home improvement store, pick up something that will not only help lower your electric bill, but will also help lessen your impact on the environment.

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