Celery Street Giveaway

Celery Street Giveaway

Green-Lemonade.com and Celery Street are teaming up to give away this great lunch bag! In addition to the tips from Liz, another great way to save money is to pack your own lunch.

To enter to win, you need to do two things:

  1. If you aren’t already a subscriber, sign up for The Squeeze, our monthly e-newsletter.
  2. When you receive The Squeeze later this month, forward it to a friend. For each person you forward it to, you will be entered to win the lunch bag.

Additional details and rules will be included in the e-newsletter. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for The Squeeze today!

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One thought on “Celery Street Giveaway

  1. …I’ll have to check out this product. We always like to see lunch bags. You’re right, you save money on food, but also on clothes! You don’t have to buy bigger clothes since you eat healthier with a packed lunch usually!


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