Coming Unglued

Sticky Label

What is it about certain labels that they are so hard to get off? After trying to use my short nails to scratch off the above label (on an airport security compliant 3 oz fluid container) I figured there had to be a better alternative that was non-toxic and hopefully easier.

Sure enough, on Planet Green, a solution was provided. I let the bottle soak in canola-vegetable oil for about 30 minutes and then soaked it in warm soapy water for another half hour. Then I used a scrub brush and viola! the label came off rather effortlessly.

I imagine this technique would also work wonderfully for glass bottles and other containers that can then be used again and again.

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One thought on “Coming Unglued

  1. Kate says:

    why don’t our mothers teach us these things???

    thanks for the tip ;)

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