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This time of year, everyone’s in the mood for some good ’ol comfort food and this local twist on Shepherd’s Pie fits the bill.  Cottage Pie, or “Shepherd’s Pie” is traditionally an English dish made up of ground meat, mashed potato and seasonings.  But this Squash Topped Cottage Pie in the most recent issue of Eating Well caught my eye as I new I could incorporate some of my favorite local ingredients, one being squash of course. 

I made this a mostly-local dish by making a few changes to the original recipe found here.  First, I used a whole, local Butternut Squash from a local farm instead of frozen squash chunks, which did add some time to the dish but it really is pretty simple to bake, scoop, and puree the real deal.  Also, I used local ground beef, local whole garlic instead of garlic powder and a little bit of local cheddar cheese finely shredded over the top (instead of the Parmesan).   And finally, I used one big pot instead of individual ramekins (only because I don’t have 10 oz. ramekins), baking the dish for about 15 minutes first and then finishing it off under the broiler. Makes 4 generous, yummy, servings.

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