Egg & Tomato Cups


In the kitchen, you win some, and you lose some. For the Going Local Weekly Meal, I wanted to try something really different. And, while it ended up tasting good, the process and final presentation was a disaster. However, I think with a few adjustments (and practice) this would be a fantastic dish to serve at a brunch.

Egg & Tomato Cups
(This recipe is a local adaptation of Egg-Stuffed Tomatoes by Smitten Kitchen.)

Pesto: You can make your own preferred pesto, using Liz’s recipe or if you are feeling daring, try this recipe that uses romaine lettuce. I took basil, a little local lettuce (I was low on basil), olive oil, pepper and grated cheese from Traders Point Creamery and mixed them together to form a pesto-like concoction.

Next, take your tomato(es) and cut the very top off of them. Carefully hollow out the tomatoes. (Rather than waste the inside, save it for some tomato sauce or soup.) Once hollow, add a big scoop of the pesto, and then very carefully, crack open a free-range egg and put it in the tomato cup, atop of the pesto. Add a touch of salt and pepper and then bake at 400F for about 20 minutes (or until the eggs are cooked).

The finished product should look like this. As for me, I was able to crack the egg into the tomato cup, however, while they were baking, one completely broke open and the egg ran out, and the other almost did, but we were able to salvage it before it completely fell apart. Overall, it tasted great, but next time, I think I will poach the egg and then add it to the tomato cup. Once the poached egg is added, I will either pop it in the oven for a much shorter time, or just skip the oven altogether.

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