Going Local: The 100 Mile Diet

Going Local

Green Lemonade applauds everyone taking part in the third annual Eat Local Challenge. We do our best to support local farmers and the local economy, but neither one of us have fully taken on this challenge before. This year, we are going to commit to doing it for at least one week. From Sunday, September 16th to the 23rd, we are going to only eat foods harvested within a 100 mile radius of our homes (Liz in Albany, NY and Rhaya in Indianapolis, IN).

Of course, we will be tracking our progress on a daily basis, listing recipes, costs involved, frustrations and pleasant surprises. To see all of our posts regarding this challenge, just click on the “Going Local” button on the top of the far right column (above the search box).

If you care join us (or are already taking the challenge) we encourage you to leave a comment and give your insights, suggestions, and/or questions.

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One thought on “Going Local: The 100 Mile Diet

  1. Myrto Ashe says:

    I live in Colorado, and would like to source almost all my food locally. This will mean lots of planning, because there is no way to get local frozen or canned food. You have to freeze or can it yourself. I’m looking forward to reading your recipes for inspiration. I’m also looking for kid friendly recipes using frozen foods (which I’ll have on hand next winter…). Check us out at http://www.ecoyear.net

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