Got Raw Milk?


Yes, Raw Milk. Unpasteurized. It actually tastes good and it seems to be good for you. I have been reading a lot lately about the pros and cons, (yes there are people out there who think that pasturized milk doesn’t exactly do your body good) so I thought this week was as good as any to grab a jug straight from the farm and see for myself.

This was the real reason for my venture out to Breese Hollow Farm last Sunday. And the reason why I had to go to the farm to get it? As you may have guessed, raw milk isn’t exactly sold in grocery stores or even the farmer’s market around here, and in almost half of the states it is illegal to sell for human consumption. And as you also may have guessed, every state has some weird ruling on the status of raw milk sales. Some states, like Illinois, even go so far as to say that the consumer has to come to the farm and actually pour the milk from the farmer’s container into a container of their own. Or others allow the sale of raw milk for pet consumption only, and still others allow a cow-share where people purchase actual shares of the cow, so they technically own the cow that the milk is coming from and that is apparently a little different.

An article in the New York Times this summer highlights the benefits of real milk and the lengths some people go to get it. The Weston A. Price Foundation sets out several reasons to choose raw milk explaining that the pasteurization process actually destroys the healthy enzymes, the vitamins, and the beneficial bacteria. Another raw milk enthusiast, Nina Planck, discusses many of the benefits of raw dairy products in the Times article and here, arguing that raw milk containts heat-sensitive nutrients like folic acid and vitamins B6 and C. She also suggests that it has been linked to growth, increased immunity, calcium absorption and that it just plain tastes better.

As for the taste? I agree, it does taste better, it’s satisfying, and it tastes really good with my homemade bread and honey! And only time will tell if it actually is better for me. In the meantime, find some for yourself here.

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2 thoughts on “Got Raw Milk?

  1. RawMama says:

    We switched to raw milk a few months ago. I researched it for about a month before starting. In CA you can buy raw milk at Whole Foods, but I’m close enough to Organic Pastures to drive out to the dairy. My 16 month old had eczema and as an experiment I didn’t put any medicated creams on it. It went away a couple weeks after he stared drinking raw milk. The more I read about the problems pasturized milk causes the stronger my conviction to stick with the raw stuff!

  2. Liz says:

    RawMama – Thanks for the comment, I love to hear stories like this. I researched it a lot too before I actually tried it. Here in NY it is not sold in the stores, and the closest place to get it is the farm mentioned above which is about 40 minutes away, so it’s not something I can pick up all the time. But I do really like the way it tasts and believe it really is better than pasturized. Have you tried raw milk cheese? Another great raw dairy pick!

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