Homegrown Pickles


Depending on where you are located, you may be either planting or beginning to think about what to plant in your garden this year. For me, I admit that most of the things I grow in my our little vegetable garden provide instant gratification such as fresh tomatoes, green beans, peppers and basil. However, on a recent trip to my grandmother’s house (who still lives on the farm my mom grew up on) I got to eat some of delicious homemade pickles and was inspired to try to make my own this year.

When the time comes, I will get my grandmother’s recipe, but for those of you who can’t wait, I suggest checking out this great post on how to make your own pickles.

And until then, I was able to get some pickles from Farm Fresh Delivery that are grown in Indiana, Ohio or Michigan and then made here in Indiana. They are crisp and tasty and it’s nice to see the ingredient list only contains six things — all of which I recognize and can pronounce!

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