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Homestead Growers Mushrooms

While I have become more adventurous about trying things in the kitchen, I still think that some things are best left to the experts. Unlike Liz, my mushroom-making skills are fairly limited, so I was delighted when I saw that Homestead Growers (regulars at Farmers Markets around the city and a great place to get local mushrooms) made and sold “LocalFolks Foods” Mushroom Patties — made with three types of their local mushrooms, bread crumbs, herbs and spices.

Served on organic ciabatta bread, I topped mine with fresh mozzerella, while my husband chose to add the Garden Herb Fromage from Traders Point Creamery to his “burger”. We couldn’t decide which one was better… they were both equally delicious!

So even if you aren’t a master chef, don’t shy away from the produce stands at your farmers market. You never know what ready-to-serve surprises they may have already whipped up for you!

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