How Low Can You Go?


By the time late February rolls around, I feel like winter has lasted forever and I can’t wait for a little warmth. Even if you are using “green” power, don’t let Old Man Winter tempt you to give in and crank up the heat.

According to Domino Magazine (who came out with their green issue this month), for every degree you lower your heat between 70 and 60 degrees, you’ll save about 5% on heating costs. Plus, studies show it may also help you fall asleep more quickly and have a more restful sleep once you do.

Personally speaking, my husband and I keep our house at 64 degrees. How low can you go?

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2 thoughts on “How Low Can You Go?

  1. Alanna says:

    Would you believe … 50? At night only, just to keep the upstairs temperature really low for sleeping. You might check out an electronic thermostat. I replaced one just like yours with one and it’s just great, has four different time zones (four for M-F, one for Saturday, one for Sunday) and moves the inside temperature up and down automatically. I love having it toasty warm when it’s time to get up!

  2. Rhaya says:

    Wow Alanna! 50 degrees might be a little too chilly for me, but that is great!

    And yes, my husband and I have talked about getting an electric thermostat so we could set the temperature to change automatically. We used to try to adjust it manually in the morning, evenings and at night, but were too forgetful for it ever to become a routine habit, so now we just keep it at a consistent temp.

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