I Heart Chocagave


Ahh, love is in the air.  With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching you can feel good about indulging in this little dessert topper.  A chocolate lover’s delight, Chocagave, by Organic Nectars in Woodstock, NY, is a heart-healthy dessert syrup sans the sugar-spike, preservatives and chemicals.

It’s a fair-trade chocolate twist on the Agave Syrup I previously spoke of, full of antioxidants and flavor.  It makes a great choice for anyone and any diet, as it’s low-fat, low-glycemic, vegan, and dairy and gluten free. Oh and it’s quite delicious too! The Organic Bold Roast Chocagave is fabulous drizzled over fruit and even more exciting over ice cream, but this tasty dessert syrup also comes in Raw Cacao, Vanillagave, Gojiagave flavors, which makes the dessert possibilities limitless.  So skip the boring boxed chocolates and share this little treat with someone you love this Valentines day.

 p.s. Check back tomorrow for a chance to win your own jar of Chocagave!

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