Keep It Clean

Okay, so no one likes to clean, but if you have to (which we all do) you can at least be conscious of the environment while you are scrubbing away. Even if you arenít a green queen, you will surely opt for these products if you have little ones (or furry friends) who you donít want to expose to toxins and other nasty things that are in your usual household cleaners.

For counter tops, kitchen tables, mirrors, glass, and yes, even stainless steel, I donít think it gets much better than Trader Joeís Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Made with all natural ingredients like Cedarwood and Sage, Trader Joeís ÖNext to Godliness, will not only clean your home, but also leave it smelling great (i.e. not like bleach).

For floors, I recommend Ecoverís Floor Soap with Natural Linseed Oil. I was a little skeptical at first, because our 33 year old white linoleum floor in our kitchen is a PAIN to keep, well, white. But this stuff worked wonders! I have to admit, I wouldnít describe the smell as lovely, but if that is itís only downside, Iím not going to complain.

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