Leftovers Lasagna

leftover lasagna

A big thing that I have learned about going local is how to use ingredients for something one night, and then reusing those same ingredients for something entirely different the next. Instead of looking online for recipes and then going out an buying all the ingredients, I look at what I have and find a recipe that works with those ingredients.

Going Local Again: Rhaya’s Day 6

Breakfast consisted of eggs, cheese and salsa again. And for lunch I had leftover gazpacho and corn on the cob.

For dinner, we made Eggplant lasagna. To do this, I (very) loosely followed this recipe. I actually took the time to salt and rinse the eggplant (something I rarely do) and then in a baking dish layered the eggplant with local egg noodles from last night, pasta sauce and cottage cheese from Traders Point Creamery. We baked it for about an hour, and had a delicous lasagna type dish, all made from what we already had on hand!

Last by not least, I did break the rules a little by having some local wheat beer. It is only 80% local, but it IS the weekend after all.

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