Litter for a Drama King


This is my first, but surely wonít be my last, post about my lovable, but high-maintenance cat, Jackson. I am embarrassed to admit that for a long time (due to his allergies and bladder issues) I have used a conventional clumping litter in his box. Ouch. After learning about how bad it was for the environment, and not great for him either, I decided to make a switch. I am slowly introducing Feline Pine to him, and so far it is going well.

I chose this brand, over some other eco-friendly friendly options (such as Swheat Scoop) because it is important for his litter to be of the clumping variety (to monitor the above mentioned bladder issues). Overall, he hasnít seemed to mind the Feline Pine. I will admit it doesnít cover the smell as well as the unnamed conventional brand, but if the litter box is kept clean, smell is not usually an issue. I certainly donít miss the litter cloud of dust that the conventional created, and the other thing I like about it is the price. Feline Pine is sold at Target and you can even get your first box free, with a rebate from their web site.

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