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This week has certainly been an eye-opener and a good challenge for me in searching out and arranging my meals strictly around local foods. The good news is that it is usually pretty easy to find a recipe that is based on some of the local foods available and then tweak it just a little to make it fit within the “Going Local” challenge (or on any other day to just incorporate moral local, in-season foods).

Today was a good example of this. Instead of using the usual avocado on my salad at lunch, this week, I have been topping a basic salad at lunch with beets to give it some “heft.” And for dinner, I wanted to use the cornmeal and grass-fed beef I had on hand so I changed up the ingredients of a Tamale Pie recipe I found online to make it a “local” dish. If you give it a try you will soon see that it’s really a lot easier than you might think to eat local or at least start incorporating more local foods into your diet on a daily basis – you might even discover a few new favorite meals.

Going Local Again: Liz’s Day 5

Breakfast was another bowl of oat groats with butter and Ohio maple syrup. For a snack I had some of the cantaloupe that I picked up at the Whole Foods farmer’s market for $1.

Lunch was the beet salad pictured above. I love beets and they are so much better fresh from the farm stand than from a can, but they are easy to make too. Start by trimming the ends and toss a handful of beets in a pot, cover with water and boil for about 40 minutes. Then, drain and let them cool enough to touch. Once they have cooled, their skins will just slip right off so you can easy slice them. I cooked up a bunch yesterday to have on hand to throw into salads yesterday and today. I slice them up over a big salad with green leaf lettuce, red onion, raw milk cheddar cheese, and dress it with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt.

As I mentioned above, dinner was inspired by this delicious Tamale Pie at Simply Recipes. I followed the recipe directions very closely but used one pound of grass-fed local beef, corn cut fresh from the cob, local tomatoes instead of canned, local cheese that I shredded myself, omitting the raisins and olives. For the cornbread topping, I followed this recipe using the Stutzman Farms whole wheat pastry flour and corn meal that I found yesterday at the co-op. It made a hearty casserole almost like a Shepherds Pie with a Mexican twist, that I will definitely have to make again. Next time I would add a little more cheese and leave the water out of the Tamale Pie itself, adding some salt to the cornbread recipe to bring out the flavors a little more.

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