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As Liz and I have mentioned time and time again, “Going Local” goes beyond just the foods you eat. Local vendors and resources also play a big part in connecting to others in your community. Below is a list of some the local sites and resources that I regularly visit. If you live in the Indianapolis area, I hope you find these resources equally helpful. (Don’t worry New York readers, Liz will be coming up with a similar list for you soon.)

As for those readers living in other areas of the country, we encourage you to find similar resources for your region. If you want us to post your list, go ahead and send it our way.

Urban Indy – You may have seen some of Kevin’s comments on our posts. You can count on him (and his site) to provide great facts about Indianapolis’ successes (and stumbles) on becoming a more sustainable city.

Going Local – Victoria is not only a master in the kitchen, but also does a great job promoting local farms and foods. Her travels around the state has helped me discover some new farms in the area, and her Indiana Food Guide and Local Food Festivals and Events page are most informative.

Indiana Living Green – This free publication is a first of it’s kind here in Indianapolis, and is a breath of fresh air amidst all the other free publications available to Hoosiers. If you prefer to do your reading online, the magazine’s web site has all the articles, plus a regularly updated blog.

Green Piece Indy – You might think that you receive enough e-newsletters already, but if you live in Indy, I strongly encourage you to sign up for this one! Meghan and Renee go beyond the typical “how to be green” tips by customizing them for Indy-dwellers. By giving specific resources and organizations, making environmental choices here in Indy just got easier.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Inc. – KIB is a non-profit organization who’s mission is “is to unite people to beautify the city, improve the environment, and foster pride in the community.” Personally, I find that their site is the BEST resource in the city for recycling information.

Traders Point Creamery – Traders Point Creamery is more than just a place to get your local and organic dairy products. In edition to having events on the farm, they also are home to one of the few year-round farmers markets in the area.

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2 thoughts on “Local Links – The Circle City

  1. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the link, as well as the Green Piece e-mailer. I hadn’t seen that before.

  2. local gordon says:

    A good fledgling buy local website is http://www.buythatlocally.com

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