Local Raw ‘Kraut


I was never really big fan of sauerkraut, I never liked it on hot dogs and only really ever had it about once a year on my St. Patrick’s day Reuben sandwich. But a friend recently encouraged me to try a line of raw lacto-fermented vegetables from the nearby Hawthorne Valley Farm, and I really like it. It tastes so alive, having so much flavor it makes my tastbuds stand up. And I like it plain, all alone, no need for the sandwich!

While raw lacto-fermented vegetables may smell horrific, they are actually really good for you. Containing lots of Vitamin C, enzymes and friendly bacteria (lactobacilli), raw sauerkraut helps create a healthy atmosphere in your digestive tract by stimulating the growth of healthy flora and by keeping bacterial growth in check. Read more about the benefits of raw sauerkraut here.

I have also tried the fermented Ginger Carrots and the Kim Chee from Hawthorne Valley Farm which are equally as good. I am so happy to have found another great local food that’s in season and good for me, reminds me of why I choose to “eat local” as much as possible.

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