Mexican Turnip


It may look like a potato, but the jicama (pronounced HEE-ca-ma) is far from your average spud, and unless you live near the southern border, it is not likely you will find one at your local farmers market.

Jicama (also known as the Mexican Turnip or Yam Bean) is a tuberous root vegetable native to Mexico and Central America. It also is a great snack that is low in calories (approximately 50 calories per 1 cup serving) and high in fiber (6 grams per serving) and vitamin C.

This vegetable is thirst-quenching and slightly sweet. I like it plain or lightly salted, and also use it as a healthy tortilla chip alternative that tastes great dipped in salsa or guacamole. You can spice it up by adding a little lime juice and chili powder or can eat them as raw-food-friendly fries. Jicama is also commonly used in cole slaw recipes.

So next time you are in the produce section of your market, don’t pass by this root veggie just because of it’s rough and rugged exterior. If you do, you’ll be missing out on the sweet and healthy treat waiting on the inside.

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2 thoughts on “Mexican Turnip

  1. Jessica D says:

    I also love jicama sliced and dipped into high-antioxidant organic honey. YUM!

  2. Rhaya says:

    I never thought to try jicama dipped in honey – thanks for the tip!

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