More “Twist”ing


Last year, we mentioned Twist products for the first time and since then, they have become a regular part of our kitchen clean-up routine. Since then, Twist has come out with some new products that go beyond the kitchen, including the Bamboo Cloth shown in the photo above.

This cloth is made from 82% bamboo, 18% corn and is 100% bio-degradable — not that you’ll be tossing it anytime soon, considering it’s strong enough to be cleaned in the washing machine. Soft to the touch, the Bamboo Cloth is perfect for dusting and cleaning furniture. And as with all the Twist products, the packaging is as eco-friendly as what’s inside. So check out the Twist web site for locations and start “Twist”ing to add some green to your clean.

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One thought on “More “Twist”ing

  1. Jeanne says:

    I need it for dusting. That task never seems to end! I can’t bring myself to hire someone to do it for me either!


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