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Going Local: Liz’s Day 1

While I can’t say that I am an experienced cook, I really do love to experiment in the kitchen.  And I can already tell this week will be quite an experiment with lots of new recipes and even new foods to try.   Here’s a summary of today…

Breakfast was an egg frittata made with local eggs from Cooper’s Ark,  zucchini, tomato and onion from various farms at the Troy Waterfront Market on Saturday.

I had an early lunch, so I ended up having an amazing peach from the market and some Maple flavored Old Chatham Sheep’s Milk Yogurt.  Later on, I snacked on some Edamame from Cornell Farms in Rensselaer County, NY  and some local cheddar cheese.  (Pleasant surprise #1: Edamame grows right here in New York!)

For dinner, I made stuffed red peppers and a salad with veggies from the market.  For the peppers,  I used grass-fed, hormone-free beef from Sweet Tree Farms in Carlisle, NY and sauteed it with onions and garlic from the market.  I then mixed the beef with black beans, tomatoes and a little basil.  I stuffed everything into fresh red pepper from the farmer’s market and topped it off with a little local cheddar cheese and baked it until heated through.  (Pleasant surprise #2: the local co-op carries black beans in bulk that are grown in New York!)

So in the first day I have already enjoyed two foods, edamame and black beans, that I never would have thought were grown in New York.  Over the weekend while shopping for groceries for this week, I was really surprised to learn that foods like these can be purchased from local sources and it made me think about how out of touch I am, as are many others I’m sure, with where my foods really come from and what the local farm community really consists of.    

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