Preserve Your Teeth


So I know it’s a little item and your probably asking yourself “how much impact can a toothbrush really have?” but every little “green” choice you make adds up. And I don’t believe and going out and replacing everything you can with its “green” counterpart all at once, but I do think it’s important to make better eco choices when it is time to shop for something new. I’ve been doing this for the past year now and recently noticed when looking around, just my kitchen and bathroom alone, how far I’ve come.

I first made a switch to an eco-toothbrush which features replaceable heads, but it was a big disappointment. Soon, maybe within a week, the bristles started to wimp out and eventually spread out making it somewhat useless. But, the purple guy in the picture above is my new Preserve toothbrush by Recyline, which is performing wonderfully. These brushes are made from 100% recycled plastics (including recycled yogurt cups), and you can print out a postage-paid mailer to return your used up Preserve products to be recycled, again. But the neatest part about this toothbrush is that the packaging it comes in doubles as a travel toothbrush holder!

Pair a new Preserve toothbrush up with your favorite eco-toothpaste (I like Tom’s of Maine Peppermint) and brush away!

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