*Reader’s Recipe* Asparagus & Eggs Any Time of Day

Eggs & Asparagus

After my post about Asparagus a few weeks ago, we received an email from Aly, in Florida who said she “grew up on asparagus and eggs as a breakfast, lunch or dinner option” and included the recipe below for a tasty asparagus and eggs dish. I loved the egg and asparagus combo and have made it several times already. It’s especially good with a little shredded local cheddar cheese over the top and a toasted slice of my favorite olive loaf bread from our farmer’s market.

Asparagus & Eggs
serves 2

  1. Saute some cut up asparagus in a small amount of olive oil and a couple of cloves of garlic, sprinkle some dried oregano, salt and pepper over it as it cooks.
  2. While the asparagus cooks, whisk 4 or 5 eggs in a bowl, adding a little milk.
  3. Pour the eggs over the asparagus and let it cook for a few minutes until the eggs are done. (You can see from the picture above that I ended up scrambling mine as the eggs set.)
  4. Top with fresh tomatoes and enjoy with some crusty Italian bread

Thanks for the recipe Aly!

Do you have a favorite tip or recipe you would like to share? Go ahead and send it our way, we’ll give it a whirl in our “test kitchen” and if we like it, we just may post about it!

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3 thoughts on “*Reader’s Recipe* Asparagus & Eggs Any Time of Day

  1. helena says:

    ooh! this is super!

    i made asparagus bread pudding a couple weeks ago and it was delicious! which is basically just asparagus, eggs, bread, and cheese. mmm.

  2. sue bette says:

    I have been loving my morning asparagus & egg combination the last few weeks – it is a great way to get some greens in during the early hours – try a scramble with egg, asparagus, and a bit of crab it’s perfect!

  3. Tiffany says:

    This recipe looks fantastic. I have some leftover asparagus from my farmer’s market, so I will have to try this tomorrow morning.

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