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Does your collection of CDs make your head spin? Long before the days of iTunes and MP3s my husband and I both racked up a serious collection of CDs, many of which we still listen to today. We’ve tried organizing them, converting them to MP3s (which we then lost in a hard drive crash), even alphabetizing them! But we still couldn’t find a solution we were both happy with.

Then, when we decided that the office in our home needed to be converted to an actual home office, we had to find a way to utilize every inch of space in that room, and the bulky CDs once again were staring us in the face.

So, we bought a CD binder that held 600 CDs (I told you we had a lot) and Andy began the meticulous task of moving all the CDs to the binder. One problem was solved, but what all the empty cases? For a local solution, there is Plastic Recycling Inc. (Phone: 317-780-6100) who would take and recycle the cases, but the question begged… is there a way to reUSE these items before recycling them? Sure enough, I called the local library and their media department happily accepted all of our cases (really, ALL of them).

So, if you are downsizing the space your music selection takes up, don’t trash those cases! Check your local library, and if they don’t take them, considering putting them on Craigslist or Freecycle.

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2 thoughts on “Spin Me Right Round

  1. Alanna says:

    My favorite solution is a CD player — yes a player, not expensive, maybe $200 — which holds 300 CDs. So it’s storage and easy play access at the same time. Since getting this a few years ago, I’ve never listened to more music.

  2. Rhaya says:

    Alanna, that is a great idea! Our current CD player is ancient and on it’s way out. Once it officially kicks the dust, I might just have to look into a CD player like yours.


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