Styrofoam-Free Salad

Salad Bar

I usually pack my lunch, but if I do eat out, I hit up the organic soup and salad bar at Nature’s Cupboard. It’s fresh and healthy, but I always feel guilty using and tossing the divided styrofoam containers. (Unfortunately, there isn’t a place to recycle styrofoam in Indianapolis.)

Since I purchased the spork, I have eliminated using disposable silverware. Next on the list was finding a similar re-usable option for the salad bar. I checked out the Light My Fire Lunch Box, but I admit to being one of those people who doesn’t like their food getting all mixed together. Another great product (that solves this problem) are the bento-style Laptop Lunches, but this seemed to be a bit of an overkill for a quick trip to the salad bar (not to mention, since the salad bar price is based on weight, I was worried this would add a lot to my meal.)

I finally settled on Tupperware’s Lunch’n Things Container. It is quick and easy and perfect for what I am looking for. It might not be the most eco-friendly option, but I know that it is better to reuse something, then to continue to generate styrofoam waste.

Additionally, I asked the owner if I could receive a percentage off of my meal, since my container is heavier than the alternative, but also better for the environment. While they had never had anyone bring their own container, they offered to weigh my container to get it’s “pre-salad” weight, and then discounted me that at checkout, in addition to giving me an additional 10% off! Now if I could only convince them to use more eco-friendly options like they do at the co-op Liz shops at

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