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Pot of Soup

Today is National Soup Swap Day!  I’ll be participating in my first swap tonight with a group called ”Almost Foodies.”  It’s my first time, but here is what I am expecting: a group of people each make 6 quarts of soup, freeze it into 1 quart containers, bring it to the soup swap party, tell their soup’s story, then pick 6 new containers of different soups to take home for the freezer to enjoy for the rest of winter.  

So, to prepare, Sunday I set out to find a freezable, “local,” soup that I could bring and I found this wonderful Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple Soup (pictured above with a drizzle of maple syrup) by The Juniper Spoon, a whole foods catering service in central Indiana, courtesy of Victoria at Going-Local.   The bulk of the soup was locally grown from the butternut squash, apples, to the garlic, and, of course, the maple syrup was harvested locally as well.   I can’t say it was quick, since I had to triple it to get 6 quarts (which ends up being a lot of chopping!), but it was super-easy and really tasty. 

I’ll be excited to see the other swapper’s creations and will be equally excited to tell the story of my soup, sharing all the good of “going local.”  And, it’s not to late to organize your own, who says you have to have it on the official day?

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