Tricks for (Green) Treats


Ever thought of the serious amount of calories kids take in after a long night of “trick or treating” around the neighborhood? Not to mention the amount of trash created by everything from the mini candy wrappers, to face masks and costumes, that all get tossed by November 1st anyway. So, with Halloween lurking around the corner, I thought I would throw out some tips to help send the ghouls and goblins off your doorstep with something a little more healthy and environmentally conscious. This year, consider the following:

  • Chocolate? Try some fair trade certified treats like Endangered Species Chocolate, which come in a convenient little bite size collection.
  • Sweet? Pick up some honey sticks this weekend at the Farmer’s Market or here.
  • Fruity? Toss in some organic fruit leathers by Stretch Island Fruit Company, nothing artificial and no added sugar!
  • Something different, but fun? Try Ginger in hard candy or great little ginger chews.
  • Homemade? You’ll be in the kitchen for days if you try to do this for all your little visitors, but make these candy bar knock offs to treat yourself while you answer the door and while I’ll admit that they may not be super calorie friendly, at least you can control what’s in them and cut back on all the processing and packaging!
  • And of course, you could chuck the whole candy idea and hand out some non-edible goodies like these.

Check out some more tips from some of the experts here and here. Oh, and make sure your own little ones nix the disposable bags in favor of reusable totes (or even the old standby pillowcases), get creative with your own costumes by using what you have (or swapping with others), and find a creative way to use all those leftover pumpkins!

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