Warm Up To a Bowl of Oats


Did you know that January is National Oatmeal Month? It’s a perfect time of year to start warming up to a bowl every morning.  Just one bowl a day helps to lower cholesterol levels, control blood sugar, and ward off cardiovascular disease.  It’s low in fat, high in protein and delivers a hefty amount of soluble and insoluble fiber, manganese and selenium.  And a warm and hearty bowl in the morning will take you right through till lunch.

Steer clear of the instant stuff though since it is often loaded with extra sugars and processed to the point that the good stuff mentioned above is nonexistent!  Look for the rolled oats which are “groats” (the oat grain) that have been hulled, steamed and rolled flat into flakes.  Or, for a little bit different texture, I love steel-cut oats which are natural, unrefined oat groats that have been cut into two or three small pieces by steel blades with a minimal amount of heat.

I like to have oats as a hot cereal for breakfast, but also you can also use them in baking cookies, breads, pancakes, and I often use oats in place of breadcrumbs in meatloaf.  Make sure to check back tomorrow for a healthy oatmeal breakfast recipe from Rhaya!

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