Weeding with Water


I am extremely picky when it comes to choosing the products we use to keep our lawn and garden looking good. Not only is it out of concern for our pets, but also out of concern for the environment in general. (Where those toxins run off to and what they effect is a whole other post of it’s own!)

Whenever possible, I try to use the most natural solution possible for keeping our yard in control. I recycle our compost by using it in our vegetable garden. We get rid of weeds like dandelions using our hands and sharp gardening tools. (Our backs don’t appreciate this, but the environment does!). And one other trick we’ve done for years is using water to kill weeds.

Yes, you heard me right. Water to kill weeds. The trick is designed for those little weeds and grass that sprout up between bricks and stones, and the water needs to be boiling. Certainly we don’t specifically boil water for this reason, but between all the corn on the cob that we eat and pasta we make, we are often boiling water for other reasons and rather than pour the leftover water down the drain, we put it to good use.

After removing the corn, pasta, artichoke, green beans, etc., carefully carry your pot of hot water to the brick or stone area in need of weeding. Pour the water on top and your done. Mother Earth (and not to mention you lower back and fingernails) will thank you!

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One thought on “Weeding with Water

  1. This is a great tip. We actually tried this once before but I completely forgot about it. I’m going to use this trick on the weeds at the end of our driveway this weekend.

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