What Odor?

what odor

Even though most of our waste goes into recycling or the compost, our trash and garbage can will occasionally smell a little… funky. Until now, I’ll admit that I had some trouble finding something all-natural that could resolve the worst offenders, but as I mentioned last week, I wasn’t going to let that be an excuse to turn to something that is not environmentally-friendly. Thankfully, I was able to find something that set aside all arguments AND smells. Hello, What Odor?

I must admit, I did not know that Billy Mays had an infomercial for this product and also did not know they will pay bloggers to endorse it (Liz and I don’t ever get paid for any of our product reviews, including this one), but putting that aside, I do admit that this solution, which is non-toxic, biodegradable and does not contain “parabens, artificial fragrances or phthalates” really does what it promises and eliminates the odor without using masking agents to just cover it up. As I said, we only use it in our trash can, but it certainly has more uses than that.

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