Asian Inspired Local Meal

Soba Noodles

Upon the arrival of my Farm Fresh Delivery, I received some items that had never graced my kitchen before… namely cabbage and green onions (or scallions). I did some searching for a dinner that used some of these ingredients and came across Spicy Soba Noodles with Shiitakes and Cabbage over at

I wont re-post the recipe, because I pretty much followed it to a T (which is rare for me) — however, I did use red cabbage instead of napa. Despite the asian flair, I was able to use Farm Fresh Delivery’s local cabbage and local mushrooms, both of which play a large role in the recipe. I also used FFD’s green onions and a few carrots (not included in the recipe). I had most of the other ingredients (such as edamame) on hand, and only had to go buy some organic soba noodles.

This meal was a great example of how you can use local foods, to create a very non-local sounding meal!

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