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Admidst all the product recalls, why not get something for the little one this Christmas that you know is safe for them and the environment around them?

SAVE (Gifts under $25)

Sckoon Organic Cotton Soft Toy: Baby Flat Doll – $11.00 – Organic inside and out, this baby is perfect for your baby.

Quack the Frog – Wooden Rattle – $12.95 – Wooden toys are the green alternative to plastic ones. Made from natural materials means that they are better from the environment, and less likely to contain harmful toxins.

Wild Animal Finger Puppets – $18.00 – Fun and fair-trade! Entertain the little one’s wild side with these adorable finger puppets.

SPEND (Gifts from $25 to $100)

Chili Pepper Baby Bag – $34.00 – You don’t have to wait until Halloween to dress your little one up in a veggie-themed organic cotton outfit like this one.

Organic Cotton Newborn Gift Basket – $43.95 – Perfect for a newborn or one that is arriving soon. This basket contains an organic cotton cardigan, pant, burp cloth, and small bear toy in a handmade basket of organic palm leaves.

Owl Kid’s Backpack from Branch – $58.00 – Hand-knit by women rural Kenya, these products’ importers personally monitors for safe, dignified and healthy working conditions. (Read more information here.) This backpack is perfect for a toddler to carry around his or her favorite things.

SPLURGE (Gifts over $100)

NUI Organics™ Air Weave blanket – $136.00 – Wool is a natural fiber and a renewable resource that is non-allergenic. Organic wool from NUI Organics has not been chemically treated, and the company also uses sustainable farming practices.

Recycled Wood Tree House – $170.00 – For the older (3+) toddler, this unique wood tree house is made from recycled cherry and elder wood.

Wolfgang Sirch Max push toy – $224.00 – This wooden push toy is both simple and beautiful.

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