Coffee on a Mission


You might not expect to see a coffee booth at the Farmers Market, but at the one that I do my shopping at, we have one for Mission Coffee. I picked some up last week, when we had finished our going local challenge.

Mission Coffee is shade-grown, hand-picked, porch-dried and roasted in Panama. The proceeds of the coffee support the medical, dental, educational, and sustenance needs of the Guaymi, an indigenous people who tend to the coffee.

In the world of coffee, you ideally want to look for a variety that is organic, fair trade, and shade grown. This will definitely be more expensive than your average Folgers, but you can rest assured that you are making a much better decision for the environment and the workers who are harvesting that coffee for you.

Interested in learning more? Check out TreeHuggers How to Green Your Coffee, or Green LA Girl’s 6-Step Program for the Caffeine Addicted. Further your knowledge and browse some brands at The Green Guide.

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