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Going Local: Rhaya’s Day 3

I’m not a morning person, especially without my coffee, but I did get up in time this morning to make myself scrambled free-range eggs (from Phelps Family Farm), topped with raw milk cheese, and salsa courtesy of the Salsa Queen.

For lunch, I had leftover pasta from last night, with an apple and some cantaloupe as snacks. This challenge seems tougher when I am cooking for one (my husband is out of town this week on business). Because of the amount of time that goes into preparing and cooking the meals, it seems like a lot of work for just one single meal. So from now on, when I am making dishes that lend themselves to leftovers (like the pasta), I am going to start making larger batches and then preserve the leftovers in fridge (or freezer) to eat at a later date.

Keeping with this idea, I spent the evening cooking some lunches and dinners for later this week. While I cooked, I had a little bit of each of the dishes I made (to be posted about later) and I also made some Sweet Potato Fries, recipe courtesy of Going Local.

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