Corn Chowder


I was skeptical when I finished making this soup about how it was going to taste. When it is up to me to adapt recipes (as I did with this one), they usually turn out … different. However, I stuck it in the fridge last night, and when I ate it for lunch today, I was pleasantly surprised. It was hearty, without being heavy, and it didn’t taste like “corn in milk” — which is what it kind of looks like.

Corn Chowder (adapted from The Daily Green Community Recipes)

1.) Make 6-8 ears of corn, cut the kernels from the cob (or “liberate them from their husks”, as the recipe says) and toss them in a shallow sauce pot on the stove.

2.) Add a half cup of water and let simmer.

3.) In addition to adding basil, I also added some baked potato chunks (from another dish I was making) and diced up some medium hot peppers and tossed them in.

4.) Add about one cup of organic whole milk and continue to heat, but not boil. Apparently, boiling milk is a bad idea (thanks, mom.)

5.) Toss in your seasonings. Mine were salt, ground pepper and just a touch of olive oil.

6.) Stir it up, and you’ve got corn chowder!

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