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Looking for something a little more personal than a gift card to the nearest home improvement store? Check out some of these gifts for the special guys in your life.

SAVE (Gifts under $25)

Recycled Floppy Disk Notepads – $5.95 – Recycled notepad paper is sandwiched between used, vintage 3.5″ floppy disks from the early 1980’s.

Record Label Coasters – $18.00 – These coasters are sure to please any music lover. They are made of labels cut from the center of classic vinyl records, sealed to keep out moisture.

SPEND (Gifts from $25 to $100)

Pro V1 Refurbished Golf Balls – $25.99 – These golf balls have been “rescued” from golf course ponds, refurbished and given a second life.

Rolling Rock Beer Glasses – $34.00 – Recycled in Wisconsin, these glasses paired with some local or organic beer make for a great gift.

HYmini Universal Charger – $49.99 – If your gadget guy is always on the go, get him this handheld device that will recharge his gadgets with wind and solar power.

SPLURGE (Gifts over $100)

Passchal Messanger – $235.00 – These very professional-looking messenger bags are made from recycled tractor inner tube rubber.

The Solar Powered Golf Cart – approximately $9,000 – So, it’s not as expensive as the Tesla we mentioned last year, but it goes well with refurbished golf balls.

Need more ideas? Check out our list from last year.

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