Day 18 – Man vs. Meat

18 Days into the Man vs. Meat Challenge – Status – Very alive, no cravings, 167 lbs

Another week down and the challenge is plodding along, I even forget that I am trying to do this…(meaning I don’t really miss the meat, not that I slip up)


1.  This will be more difficult for the undisciplined single guy.  I am lucky to be in a house where my wife is really interested in new foods and is willing to help out with making dinners.  I think back to when I lived with a guy roommate (and two other hooligans next door) after college.  We were reasonably healthy guys, but it was always easy to grab some quick food.  As with any single person, you need to be wiling to go to the store more frequently for fresh food, read recipes and probably spend more time in the kitchen.  If I were single, I would recommend inviting people over a couple times a week and make dinners for a friend or two.  This will give you some people to eat at HOME with and as always, misery needs company.

2. Our world is not set up for vegetarians – I went to the Cavs game in Cleveland on Friday night.  The ‘Q’ is a great stadium and relatively new, but it still holds the traditional stadium food.  Veggie options include bad soft pretzels, chips, fries, etc.  We ended up in a Quaker State restaurant at halftime and I ate some cheese fries (hold the bacon) since there was no other options.  I can imagine that if you are a person who eats fast food a lot, you will need to be very careful when starting a veggie diet.  A lot of places leave you only few and not good options.  Plan ahead, bring snacks, people won’t be offended.

3.  You can forget about meat pretty quickly – I am not sure if its because meat was not the center of our diet, but its become seemingly easy to forget about the meat.  It only seems noticeable when we end up in a traditionally ‘meat’ place.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends for lunch, and to their credit, they do have some veggie options.  Liz and I both got the veggie burger, which was more bun than burger, and left me eating more fries than I normally would have.  It’s like trying to lose weight, instead of hiding it or acting like you aren’t trying to lose weight, its easier to just tell everyone what your doing and try to find compromises on places to eat.  You will feel better and probably be surprised that others don’t really care.

To close out this post, I would like to highlight a few new things I have eaten.  We have had tempeh and some tofu to help keep the protein in the diet.  I think the “I need protein in my diet” for meat eaters is a pretty poor excuse.  Its is apparent to me now that it is a lazy excuse.  I have been pleasent surprised with some eggplant sandwiches I had, especially the one at Melt in Cleveland.  Overall, we have been able to find some good fish and veggie items.  If you are ever in trouble, just grab a veggie pizza and you can’t go wrong.

More in a few days!

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