Day 9 – Man vs. Meat

9 Days into the Man vs. Meat challenge – STATUS – Alive, minimal cravings, weight (tbd on Sunday)

Before I go too far into the details of the first nine days I figure a little background on me is in order.  I can basically carve my life up into several health/weight phases:

Phase 1 (birth – 7th grade) – Really no clue what was going on with food.  Maintained a relatively normal weight.  I ate whatever my parents put in front of me, which included anything at the grocery, and was not healthy for sure.

Phase 2 (7th grade – 9th grade) – Generally referred to as my “milkshake” phase by my family.  I may have blocked this time out of my mind, but I was pretty chubby and had not hit puberty.  I think at the end I weighed close to 190 lbs and I was only about 5′ 7″.  Awesome.

Phase 3 (10th grade – college) – I finally hit puberty, lost about 30 lbs and was really into sports.  With all the activity I began cutting fat out of my diet and eating ‘fat free’ stuff.  You may remember this era….they pumped everything up with sugar, but kept the fat out. Geniuses.

Phase 4 (Post college – now) – Compliments of my wife Liz, I took the South Beach challenge in 2003 and lost about 15 unwanted pounds and realized that starchy carbs really can put the “lbs” on quick for me.  We have progressively become more into healthy foods.  Overall we try to eat in moderation, mostly natural, whole foods, no preservatives, etc.

Currently I weigh 168 (as of 1/1/09).  I would say that’s about 5-8 lbs above my ideal weight.  I am training for the American Triple T , so I am burning a fair amount of calories a week.  My normal diet includes some meat, especially when I travel for work, which tends to be 50 – 70% of the time.  In general, I like most meats, but as of late I have tried to stay away from all overly processed meat.  I have fast food about once a year.  That should be enough info for you to know that I am very NORMAL.

Day 1 – 9

Overall the diet is seemingly easy, however I have not traveled much at this point.  Because I am creature of habit wen it comes to eating, when I am home, my diet stays pretty constant.  Here’s a typical sample.

Breakfast:  Protein Shake (1/2 banana, 1 scoop of protein, 1 cup of milk/water), 2 eggs in a basket, coffee (the best ever)

Lunch: Avacado Sammy (1 slice of ezekial bread, half an avacado, some red onion, and feta cheese), carrots and pretzels.

Snack: Crackers/Pretzels/Carrots and hummus

Dinner: Veggie Soup or Fish, small salad or greens, maybe some small dessert.

This diet is very easy when: A. you work from home, and B. your wife helps make dinner.  We love to cook together, but I would have trouble doing this on my own day to day.

I did have one travel experience this week and I ended up at Subway for lunch.  I had a 6″ Veggie Sub.  Surprisingly, this is a pretty good sammy and because most of the meat at Subway is so low quality you end up not missing anything.

I have only had a few cravings for a good cheeseburger, but nothing that has driven me to just grab a handful of ground chuck slam it down.

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