Deck The Halls

Mall Santa

It’s officially “The Season”, which means it’s time to get out those boxes of decoration (if you haven’t already) and start decking the halls. Unlike this five foot Santa shown above, decorations don’t have to take a scary toll on the environment. Here a few tips to remember as you as you sing your Fa-la-las.

  • Oh Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches? The greenest Christmas tree is an organic one that can be replanted. If that is not an option, a live tree (especially an organic one) is better than an artificial one.
  • Go natural. Use holly, pine cones, poinsettias and real wreaths to give your home a real winter wonderland feeling. (If you have pets, make sure to check what is safe to have in the house.)
  • Go vintage. According to the The Green Book, two-thirds of households buy new Christmas decorations each year. Look at thrift or antique stores (or your grandmothers attic!) for decorations with a history. If you just have to have something new, choose lead-free and fair-trade decorations.
  • Use LED lights. Most everyone loves the twinkle of lights this time of year. Save money and energy this year by switching to LED lights. The don’t present the fire risk of traditional bulbs and are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors here and here.
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