Dogs and Suds

Earth Bath and Skyler

Bathtime for Skyler is no day at the spa. It involves the bathtub, some shampoo, and one very wet & furry dog (see photo above). But when it comes to my pets, I try to be conscious of what they eat and even what they breathe. However, in all honesty, the main reason I concern myself so much with our dog’s shampoo is less about her and more about our cat, who has allergies and sensitive skin. That being said, I was happy to see that they did carry one brand of all natural pet shampoo at our local Petco. (Stay tuned for an article next week about another place to get your eco-friendly pet products.)

EarthBath products all-natural, bio-degradable and cruelty-free. For Skyler, we opted for the Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo. It not only got the job done (of a cleaner dog) but the smell was pleasant without being over-powering. The bath (along with a good brushing) left Skyler so soft that she even got a compliments on her coat from another dog owner who visited us for the weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Dogs and Suds

  1. Karla Brown says:

    I don’t have a local Petco. And with 4 adorable Shih Tzu’s I really need to mix my own. Is there a recipe you would suggest? Thanks !!!!!!

  2. Rhaya says:

    Four Shih Tzu’s!! I bet there is never a dull moment at your house!

    As for mixing your own recipe, I found this “recipe” online:

    Liz’s dog Scarlet doesn’t need frequent baths (because she has short hair and it dries out her skin), but when she does get them, she gets lathered up with the same Castille Soap that Liz uses on herself:

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