Ever Heard of Dragon Tongues?

Dragon Tongues

One of the best things about this diet, in addition to Rhaya’s list of course, is discovering new foods, and for some people it may be discovering your own appliances. I have already learned to cook some foods in a new way, or with new ingredients but I have also learned to cook a few things that I have never even tried like spaghetti squash (I bought another one at the co-op yesterday) and have discovered a few new things too like dragon tongues (pictured above).

The ladies at Little Seed Farm in Chatham, NY introduced me to the dragon tongues at the Farmer’s Market Saturday. Dragon tongues are about 5 to 6 inches long, are similar in texture and crunch to a green bean, and have a funky cream colored edible pod with random purple stripes that disappear when cooked. They are crispy and juicy and are what I am snacking on today!

Going Local: Liz’s Day 4

Sorry to dissappoint but other than the dragon tongues, due to a morning run, work and an evening meeting, today is a lot of left-overs and repeats from earlier this week!

For breakfast I had some little local plums and yogurt.

Lunch was a big veggie and greens salad and some carrots and black beans.

I also had some afternoon snacks, an apple and dragon tongues.

Dinner will be leftover Eggplant Zucchini Lasagna.

Maybe a little bedtime snack of some toasted honey whole wheat bread with a little maple sugar on top and a glass of raw milk.

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