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With all the talk about oatmeal lately, I was so excited to hear from a friend about a fermented oatmeal recipe using miso paste.  I know, you are probably asking yourself, what the heck are you doing adding miso to oatmeal?  Similar to other fermented foods like the raw fermented sauerkrautunpasturized miso contains lactobacillus, the “friendly” bacteria, and other microorganisms that help create a healthy digestive environment.  So, in adding miso to oatmeal during the cooling process you began the fermentation and you end up getting the best of both worlds - all the good stuff of oatmeal and the digestive power of the miso. 

To try a little fermentation at home, all you need to do is too cook the oats in the evening before bed about for about 5 minutes or until the water is absorbed.  Let the oatmeal cool and when it reaches room temperature, add the miso, cover and let sit overnight at room temperature.  In the morning warm and serve.  I love South River Sweet White, pictured above, which is a little pricey but contains 60 servings!  I tried it with steel cut oats and despite Rhaya’s creative ideas from yesterday, didn’t need to add anything.  The original recipe found here, has other suggestions for various miso flavors and different grains, but it is imperative that you use unpasturized miso.

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  1. shannonmarie says:

    Oh how I love miso. What would I do without it? Not eat so much raw soup?

    By the way, I nominated you two for a creative blogger award. Check out my blog.

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