Friday Fave: Not Eating Out in New York


Ah, Friday. What a wonderful day of the week. With the whole weekend in front of you, it’s a great time to be inspired and is certainly one of my favorite days to spend a little time catching up on my favorite sites and finding new ones.

Because we think we are not alone in those sentiments, we are starting a new category here at called “Friday Fave.” No interviews with the author. No detailed discussions. Just a sentence or two about how we found the site and why we love it (posted on Fridays, of course!) And kicking off this new category is…

Not Eating Out in New York

I can’t believe I hadn’t come across this site before now. I found it when I was searching for a potato salad made with ricotta cheese (which I had left over from the Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe we sent in last month’s issue of The Squeeze.) I immediately fell in love with all of the simple recipes on this site. For someone living in a city with an endless amount of restaurant choices, Cathy Erway has made not eating out look easy, healthy and environmentally friendly. So check out more of her recipes and adventures next time YOU need a reason to eat in.

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