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osprey backpack

It is no doubt that the green trend is catching on. And while this does mean that there is an increase in “greenwashing“, it also means that long-time recognizable brands are offering solutions for those of use who choose the green route when possible.

One such brand is the popular backpack company, Osprey. As a long-time favorite of serious backpackers and casual travelers alike, I was very pleased to see when I was recently shopping for a daypack that Osprey offered a ReSource Series built almost entirely from recycled materials. Knowing this, I was more than eager to purchase a pack from a locally-owned store that carried it. Osprey’s environmental efforts are detailed on their site, and I have been very pleased with not only the quality of the backpack, but also the thought that was put into creating it.

So, as outdoor adventure weather approaches, consider your choices if you need to purchase any related gear. In addition to Osprey, you can also find other eco-friendly choices by Mountainsmith and Millet and even Keen, Kelty and The North Face.

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  1. leesaj says:

    Great article – its good to see major companies taking the lead in going ‘green’ – and making quality products.

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